fringe bottle cap necklace

Blog 1

After binging on some old school Lindsay Lohan movies, I became re-obsessed with Lola’s bottle cap necklace from Confessions of  a Teenage Drama Queen. I wanted to try to recreate the necklace but with my own spin on it. I took inspiration from the fringe trend seen at Fashion Week Spring 2014 to make this fringe bottle cap necklace ( I actually made two, a black one and a silver one).



  • glue gun
  • bottle caps (3)
  • chain
  • jewelry hoops (2)
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • felt

Blog 1 materials

1. Cut the chains with pliers and glue 2 strands of different lengths onto the back of the bottle caps

Blog 1_2

2. Cut a piece of long chain and attach the hoops and lobster clasp to the ends. Glue the chain to the bottle caps.

Blog 1_5

3. Cut pieces of felt the same size as the bottle caps and glue them to the back the the bottle caps to secure the chains.

blog 1_4




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